We Build Simple and Effective Mobile and Web Experiences

We are a technology company with a focus on building remarkable user experiences and solving complex business problems.

Custom Software design and Development

We are your software innovation lab – an integrated team of product designers and software developers using the latest frameworks and tools to deliver awesome new software products. We partner with forward-thinking businesses to create mobile apps, websites and internet of things (IoT) applications.

Mobile Apps

iPhone, iPad Applications
Android Applications
Responsive Mobile Apps
Progressive Web Apps

Web Apps

Web Apps and Digital Platforms Custom Website Solutions Dashboard & Reporting Apps Content Management Tools

Internet of Things (IoT)

Beacons and Geofencing
Sensors and RFIDs
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Machine Learning

Transform your business with empowering digital experiences.

Cornerstone specializes in complex web application development for large businesses, venture-backed startups and government agencies. We reduce development risk for our clients by using sprint methodology and standards-based code to get applications to market quickly.

Software Development Services


Software users have become accustomed to beautiful, logical interfaces, in both enterprise and consumer applications. Cornerstone delivers these for our clients through a process of design thinking, user research and assumption testing. We design with usability in mind from day one, building applications with intuitive user experiences, elegant UI and zippy response times.



Need an app that can scale to millions of users in a matter of months (or weeks)? You’ve found the right team. We build custom web apps from the ground up that scale effortlessly. Our team are experts at developing apps that can transact billions of dollars and handle millions of users and data points.



In general, we embrace the concepts of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), a software architecture design pattern based on discrete pieces of software providing application functionality as services to other applications. This is particularly important in a world where most online applications need to support a high-quality user experience across many different devices, from desktops to smart watches.

Continuous Delivery and Agile Iteration

We’re big believers in continuous delivery and iteration. We use agile processes to ensure that we hit milestones and deliver for the client. While cutting-edge DevOps practices and continuous integration/delivery enable us to accelerate product delivery.


Technology Focus

While we use many different technologies to meet clients’ needs, our core web stack usually includes Ubuntu, Apache/NGINX, MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB, and PHP/Node.js on the back-end, plus HMTL5/CSS3/JavaScript/AngularJS/ReactJS on the front-end (this is the same technology stack used by many leading applications today, including Facebook, Shopify, and many more).

Transformative Solutions. Real Results.

Turn technology solutions into opportunities and opportunities into results.

Custom Software that Delivers the Business

Cornerstone delivers the mission-critical business backbone solutions that increase operational efficiency and deliver competitive cloud-based services to your customers.

Where many technology shops deliver software, Cornerstone user-focused approach delivers robust business software applications that really work for people.

Mobile Solutions that Engage on the Go

Whether you’re solving for the needs of a mobile workforce, increasing customers’ engagement level during their morning work commute, or creating a new mobile product, Cornerstone has the design expertise to create market-beating experiences and the technology chops to delivery cross-platform high-performance apps that get you high store ratings.

Whether your back end is simple eCommerce, an innovative AI, or you need us to build your back-end logic, we’ll get your business humming with an all-new mobile experience.

Data Visualization Designed for Better Decision-Making

Data is better than no data. Information is better than data. Accurate, actionable, engaging, and concise information is not only beautiful to behold, it is the pinnacle of enterprise decision support.

Cornerstone user experience & design (UXD) group specializes in taming complexity through amazing visualizations that foster managerial curiosity and focus on data-driven business steering.

Lets connect and find out if better, clearer decision support can transform your business!

API Development Services

APIs are fundamentally changing how data can be used, and opening up entirely new business models and strategies for products. They allow for flexible integrations and customization of existing products, enabling developers to enrich and enhance services in new and creative ways.

Cornerstone, has recognized this shift in the importance of APIs, and the importance of delivering scalable and secure API development services for our clients.

Our Technology Stack